Basic Firearm Courses

Basic Firearm Courses

Basics of Pistol Shooting (BoPS)

Courses can be scheuled two ways. You can book an appoinment during a weekday or you can register for a Weekend course that is already scheduled. If it says “Sorry, we are fully booked or course is not scheduled”. Then a course is not scheduled. Besure to click through the calendar.

You can call for more details.

Basics of Rifle Shooting (BORS)

Basics of Pistol Shooting (BOPS)

Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW)

Home Firearm Safety (HFS)

Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH)

Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOTH)

Weekday Appoinment

Weekend Course

Basics of Rifle Shooting (BoRS)

Basics of Shotgun Shooting (BoSS)