Bronze Star Academy

The seeds of Bronze Star Shooting’s commitment to serving the self-defense needs of American families were planted in late 2001. The need for formal firearms training became evident as the generational gap continued to widen because families were no longer passing the knowledge, skills, and attitude down family lines, but firearms production increased for reasons unfolding during the 21 century. Saddened by the victims and survivors of many shootings across the nation, 1SG (RET) Richard A. Buchfink Jr. began thinking about how he might be able to help others and families avoid the same fate. In 2014, he began laying the groundwork for the business that would become Bronze Star Shooting.

In 2020 Bronze Star Security Academy (BSSA) was being planned because of the decline in the physical presence of Law Enforcement due to the 2020 Pandemic and many other state and world events. BSSA was formed in 2021, working to fill the gap in the private sector to help them protect their companies, employees, and assets with professional, educated, and highly trained officers. Although Texas has outlined a base of training requirements, BSSA believes a base is a foundation to grow to the next level. Therefore, we offer many different add-on options to improve and enhance your skills to become the industry’s best and most efficient officer.


Bronze Star Shooting (BSS) – coaching and instructing those who want to pursue the right of fundamental freedoms and self-defense, helping them establish meaningful and specific goals that reflect their values, and then constructing comprehensive safety and self-defense plans for protecting their loved ones and pursuing their protection.

Bronze Star Security Academy (BSSA) is to educate and coach all Officers with a higher level of training. At BSSA, we are committed to being an ethical business leader and a customer-driven provider for Security Companies and current and future Officers. We focus on delivering quality training to fulfill peace of mind to our customers, allowing them to grow and prosper for their company client’s needs.


Just as 1SG (RET) Buchfink envisioned more than a decade ago, Bronze Star Shooting is steadfastly committed to helping those seeking formal firearms training to develop knowledge, skill, and attitude to establish a safe plan for self-defense and get their lives squared away.

It is increasingly important for men and women to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for their individual and family protection. Beyond this most fundamental right is the enjoyment of shooting with family members and friends.

Bronze Star Security Academy (BSSA) philosophies are essential in the private sector to help increase the knowledge, skills, and efficiency of all non-commissioned, commissioned, and Personal Protection Officer professionals. BSSA takes it to the next level of training to achieve a higher standard in education

If you share our vision, we urge you to connect with us and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our communities, and our country.


Richard Buchfink

Owner and CEO

First Sergeant, US Army (Ret) served in the United States Army for 21 years and retired as a highly decorated Soldier. He is passionate about properly training others in handling firearms. His background serves him well as an NRA Training Counselor focused on safety, education and skill perfection.