Tx License To Carry Private Course (POS)


  • Laws that Relate to Weapons/Use of Force
  • Safe Storage
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Handgun Use and Safety
  • Holsters


This course gives you the knowledge you need to know about obtaining an LTC permit and the laws that relate to concealing and openly carrying of a handgun in the state of Texas. Upon completion of this course you will receive the LTC 100 certification that is required by the state of Texas to be submitted after completion of you application. The private course provides you with some flexibility. Online booking, Cancelations and rescheduling. Availability is for set for 8:00 AM Start time. 1 to 1 class ratio. (Add additional participants by contacting Bronze Star Academy, $99.99) Range Fee Included in price. Please see the times available.