Officer Survival

  • You may be saying, “I’m not a trained fighter; I can’t do this.”
  • The answer to this is simple: Do you really want to be a loser?
  • We admire winners.
  • Losers are scorned, and coming second in a fight, makes you the first place loser.
  • Remember the old saying, ”The best defense is a good offense?” – This is true.
  • Ignore the snowflake statements made by some misguided people and some law enforcement authorities that fighting back will only make your opponent angrier. So what?
  • They are not being threatened with death or injury; you are.
  • Don’t be like a sheep, heading meekly to the slaughter. Fight back!
  • You may surprise yourself. And even if you lose, you’ll know that you didn’t act like a sheep, and you’ll have given your attacker something to think about, and possibly a few bruises too.