Today, Law Enforcement Officers and Security Officers must select the most humanely effective, appropriate, and available non-compliant subject deterrent and control equipment.

They must also make the right choice in a training approach that best utilizes that equipment in a socially and legally acceptable (non-compliant) subject-control strategy.

Expandable batons provide the law enforcement and security community with a tool that can be used by officers to ward off an attack or aid them in restraining a non-compliant subject.

  • The expandable baton is only an artificial extension of an officer’s own body.
  • This training links an officer’s body and mind to the baton.

The expandable baton training is designed to teach the fundamentals in an operational setting of both the ASP Expandable Baton training manual and the Monadnock Expandable Baton manual into one lesson titled “Expandable Baton Training.”