PSB Security Level 3 and 4 (Hands-on)


  • Intro Personal Protection Officer
  • Options in Personal Protection
  • Personal Protection Strategies Overview
  • Force Options
  • Defensive Tactics



This course provides the Level III and IV practical training as required by the State of Texas and the PSB. You will complete handcuffing, baton and firearms qualification. The handgun must be at least a .38 caliber revolver or at least a 9 MM semi-automatic. Bring your handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing protection, and eye protection for use during range qualification. The shotgun must be a 12 gauge. Bring your shotgun and 9 shot shells (12 gauge – 00 Buck). A handgun or shotgun can be provided if needed. Please decide prior to course and let us know before your course. The Range Fee is covered in the cost of the class.

Level 4: The student will understand the legal authorities about the Personal Protection Officer’s (PPO) commission and responsibilities. The officer will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the techniques and tactics necessary to carry out duties as a PPO. The student must complete the Level 4 Class requirement before this course.
Level II and III

Note: Please be advised under Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1702 and Texas Administrative Code Title 37, Part 1, Rule 35.4, a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a registration, commission, or license in private security. You may wish to review the list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available via the Department of Public Safety’s website. You also have a right to request from the Department of Public Safety a criminal history evaluation letter under Texas Occupations Code Section 53.102.