PSB Security Level 3 Recertification Course


  • Class
    • How to avoid becoming a victim
    • Authority to Arrest
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Crime Scene
    • Field Notes and Report Writing
    • Patrol Services and Cover
    • Things to look for on Patrol
    • Rules on the Use of Force
  • Practical hands-on
    • Handcuffing
    • Self Defense
    • Proficiency Demonstration



Texas Department of Public Safety’s, Private Security Bureau (PSB) requires 6 hours of Continuing Education training and firearms re-qualification every two (2) years to renew the Commissioned Security Officer License. This course provides the Level III re-qualification training, exam and shooting proficiency as required by the State of Texas and the PSB to renew your expired or expiring Commission.

Required Equipment:
You are required to qualify with a handgun and shotgun during the class. The handgun must be at least a .38 caliber revolver or at least a 9 MM semi-automatic. Bring your handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, hearing protection, and eye protection for use during range qualification. The shotgun must be a 12 gauge. Bring your shotgun and 9 shot shells (12 gauge – 00 Buck). A handgun or shotgun can be provided if needed. Please decide prior to course and let us know before your course. The Range Fee is covered in the cost of the class.

Level III Commissioned, either expired or expiring.