PSB Level 3 (Class and Practical hands-on)


  • Class
    • How to avoid becoming a victim
    • Authority to Arrest
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Crime Scene
    • Field Notes and Report Writing
    • Patrol Services and Cover
    • Things to look for on Patrol
    • Rules on the Use of Force
    • Handcuffing
    • Self Defense
  • Practical hands-on

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This course qualifies the Non-Commissioned Security Officer to become armed. In this course, you will learn the Rules and Regulations necessary to do the job legally. It is a 45-hour course over five days. You will be certified on the Baton, handcuffing, defensive tactics, and a Firearm. The Firearm Qualification minimum caliber is 9 mm or 38 for a Revolver.  The Range fee is covered in the course cost, but you will need to supply your ammunition. Fifty (50) rounds for your handgun and Nine (9) rounds of 00 Buckshot for a 12-gauge Shotgun.

To receive your commission as an armed security officer you must complete the Level 2 and Level 3 courses.